Collaborative Creation

Land Marking is a mobile-based music/activist project that augments the physical landscape of protest events with a layer of location-based audio contributed by event participants in real-time.

The project captures the audioscape and personal experiences of temporary, but extremely important, expressions of discontent and desire for change.

Debut at Moogfest 2017

Land Marking will be teaming up with the Moogfest Protest Stage to allow attendees to contribute their thoughts on protests and tune into an evolving mix of commentary and field recordings from others throughout downtown Durham, North Carolina.

Listen and Contribute

Land Marking is designed for mobile usage with our iOS app, but you can also listen and contribute here on the website.

LISTEN to a customized audio stream comprised of audio recordings contributed by other participants mixed with a bed of ambient music. Filter it to suit your interests.

CONTRIBUTE your own thoughts to the mix using the mic on your computer and a few simple steps.

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